The world today is an endless race - to study, work and earn - and people are forgetting that they need good health to reach these goals. As our population increasingly moves towards a diet primarily composed of food that has no nutritional value, the number of people that are getting into hospitals with various health issues has skyrocketed - and no prizes for guessing the reason!

The “fast food” diet has caused a lot of harm, and it is the need of the hour to start making changes in our diets, and to ensure that we, and our future generations, get used to a balanced diet that will keep us healthy and safe. In an attempt to make healthy, organic foods available to all, I have launched Grace Signature, an online marketplace that has organic food and beverages of the highest quality, to help you stay healthy, and feel great!
Allow me to introduce myself - I am a Registered nurse, and over the past two decades, have worked in various capacities at St. John’s Hospital in Detroit, Henry Ford Hospital in Michigan, HCA's Medical Center of McKinney and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. Having spent a number of years closely working with, and observing the types of people that come into hospitals, I realized it is high time that I did something about it, and the result is Grace Signature - your destination for healthy, organic food products!

I have been an advocate for healthy living habits throughout my life. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, and my career as a Registered Nurse came to an abrupt stop in 2018, when my son was diagnosed with leukemia. It was a wake up call that made me realize the danger our kids are in, owing to the food habits developed over the past decades, and I want to make sure that our kids and their parents are aware of the importance of healthy food products - and the difference eating and drinking healthy, organic produce can make in all of our lives!

Grace Signature is an honest attempt to bring about a much needed change in today’s American way of life, and I have tried to include everything that will help us make the switch to a healthy lifestyle - organic food products, organic beverages, organic health supplements and immunity boosters. With the current COVID 19 situation, I will also be stocking up on essentials like PPE, so you can stay safe, and healthy!

I am using my years of experience to venture into the e-commerce retail business, and wholesale distribution business, in a bid to make sure healthy living is easily accessible to all. Grace Signature is a women-owned and operated business, and I look forward to feedback from the amazing small business owners community, as I begin this exciting new journey of my life!
A word before I sign off - all products on Grace Signature are of the highest quality - sourced from American manufacturers who are USDA Organic and FDA certified. I have personally made efforts to make sure that the products are authentic, and no adulteration takes place at any step, from the farm until the customer’s hands. Come, join me on this journey towards a healthier lifestyle, and get your organic foods today from Grace Signature!


We are Grace Signature Team!


Leena Karpey - RN, Founder and CEO.


My Grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness. (2 Cor 12:9)